Notification exfiltrator

The notification exfiltrator feature sends notifications received on the phone to an external server.

  • End-to-end encryption: Notification data is sealed. The private key corresponding to the configured public key is required to decrypt the data.

  • Resilient: WorkManager is used to schedule reliable, asynchronous tasks. Notifications are stored locally, in encrypted form, so that it survives app exit, network disconnection, and device restarts. They will be dispatched to the server when the device is connected to the internet. In case of server errors (5xx response), it will be retried with a backoff strategy. This is all handled by WorkManager.

Integration guide

The following steps assume you have Node.js installed with these dependencies:

yarn add tweetnacl tweetnacl-sealedbox-js

Key generation: To generate a keypair, run in Node.js REPL:

fs.writeFileSync('keys.json', JSON.stringify(Object.fromEntries(Object.entries(require('tweetnacl').box.keyPair()).map(x => [x[0], Buffer.from(x[1]).toString('base64')]))))

The keys.json file will look like this:


Encrypted payload format: The notification data is sent with Content-Type: text/plain through an HTTP POST request to the configured URL. The body of the request is the encrypted notification data, represented as a hex-encoded string:


This script can be used to decrypt the payload:

var sealedbox = require('tweetnacl-sealedbox-js');
const keys = require('./keys.json')

var result =
  Buffer.from(process.argv[2], 'hex'),
  Buffer.from(keys.publicKey, 'base64'),
  Buffer.from(keys.secretKey, 'base64')


Decrypted payload format: It is a JSON object.