builds upon the Antora multi-repository documentation site generator to provide an improved authoring workflow through a custom CLI script, inspired by Backstage’s TechDocs.

Easy to author with high fidelity previewing

  • By running the dtinth-docs command, a project documentation can be previewed in isolation through a local development server.

  • The development server automatically rebuilds the documentation whenever a file is changed.

  • See more information in Authoring guide.

How it works
  • The CLI generates an Antora playbook file on-the-fly, so documentation can be previewed in isolation without having to manually clone the documentation repo, setting up Antora, and updating playbook files.

Easy to add new project documentations

Why Antora?

Minimize laborious tasks

Building and publishing a documentation site is only part of the whole story. How about social share images? How about SEO? How about analytics? These are things that I had to do each time I set up a new documentation site. Putting documentation together in a single place allows each project documentations to benefit from shared tools.

Social image

personal-puppeteer is used to generate screenshots for each page, which are then used for social image. When a documentation page is shared, people can see the contents of the page before clicking on the shared link.


Google Analytics integration is supported natively by Antora.