dtinth’s interactive chordbook

A simple interactive chordbook library web application.


  • Displays chords in block-based format (similar to Chordify).

  • Displays both chords and lyrics.

  • Supports both mobile and desktop.

  • Embeds YouTube video and synchronizes the video playing position with the current chord. Click on a chord block to seek the video to that chord.

  • Automatic scrolling (useful when playing in a band).

  • Chords can be transposed.

  • Optimized for fast transcription using a data format based on Nashville Number System.

  • Chord blocks are colorized based on the bass/root note, relative to the tonic (similar to Hooktheory’s color scheme).

  • Works with songs with speed and key changes. Example

  • Can hot reload the chordsheet by pressing R on the keyboard.


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