A little library to create automated tests for shell setups. When a test is run, it also generates a detailed output of the shell session, which can be used to create screenshots or videos of the test.


const { ShellTester } = require('shell-tester')
const tester = new ShellTester({ shellCommand: 'sh' }) (1)

tester.session('example', async (s) => { (2)
  await s.expect('$') (3)
  await s.send('ls\r')
  await s.expect('package.json')
}) (4)
1 Create a ShellTester and specify the shell command to use.
2 Register a test session using the session method.
3 Automate the shell using the provided ShellSession object.
4 Run the registered sessions by calling the run method.

For more detailed examples, see the test.js file.


This module is not versioned and is not published on npm. To install it directly from GitHub, run:

$ yarn add "dtinth/shell-tester#main"
To pin the dependency in your package.json file and prevent breaking changes from affecting your project, replace main with the SHA of the latest commit.


The test script can be run directly using Node.js:

$ node example.js

Output file

This will generate a file called tmp/output/example_end.js in the current directory which contains the detailed output of the shell session.

A simple HTML viewer can be used to view the output:

$ echo "file://$PWD/node_modules/shell-tester/preview.html?data=../../tmp/output/example_end.js"

(Open the URL in your browser to see the output.)