cmdpal is a Chrome extension that gives you a command palette.

This extension is designed to be minimal and cannot do anything much on its own. It’s designed to be extended by other extensions and websites. Therefore, the core extension does not require permissions like “read and change your data on the websites you visit.”


After installing the extension, set up your keyboard shortcut by going to chrome://extensions/shortcuts and set a shortcut to Activate the extension. Personally I use Cmd+Shift+,. Refresh the page to make sure that you are a keyboard shortcut is saved (this is a Chrome bug). Then restart Chrome for the shortcut to take effect (also a Chrome bug).

Then press the shortcut to activate the extension. You should see a list of things that you can do, depending on the prefix.

  • > — Run a command.

  • # — Search for a bookmark.

  • (no prefix) — Switch to an open tab.